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“We infuse a passion for filmmaking with expertise in business development.”

With the creation of Avenida Productions, we have been able to infuse passion for filmmaking with expertise in business development. We aim to give a platform and voice to independent filmmakers of color, women, and those who are overlooked and under appreciated by a vast majority of studios. Unlike most production companies, Avenida aims to empower the independent filmmaker by creating a path for them to master and manifest their own destiny. This is all part of an even bigger plan to leave the world better than we found it; one film, script, or project at a time.


The Team

Fanny Véliz



Fanny Véliz is an award-winning filmmaker, actor, and director with more than 14 years experience in the business. Véliz has worked in both traditional and digital media for a vast array of brands, including Ford and Nissan. She also produced two seasons of the TV show “Doctor Vet” for National Geographic which aired in the U. S. and all over Latin America.

A two-time Imagen Award nominee, she has received several recognitions for her work both in front and behind the camera

One of her latest projects is her award-winning feature film HOMEBOUND which received a theatrical release and numerous awards and traveled the country as well as abroad. Throughout the years, she has learned the ins and outs of creating a project from scratch and using non-traditional methods to fund, produce, and distribute. She's bringing that knowledge to her clients at Avenida Productions.

For three years she was the vice chair of the Non-Profit Nosotros, an organization founded by Ricardo Montalbán, which aims to support Latinos in the entertainment business. Nosotros is the oldest non-profit Latino organization in the arts.

The mother of 2 delightful boys, her goal is to inspire her sons and provide them and future generations with role models in the media.

Nelson Grande



As a native Los Angeleno, Nelson Grande is no stranger to the gravitational pull of the entertainment industry. Growing up in Highland Park where a typical Saturday included witnessing Tarantino shoot Reservoir Dogs or Gregory Nava shoot Mi Familia, one could argue that Grande’s rise from actor to entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Avenida Productions was written in the stars. At the age of 19, Grande recognized he had a talent for sales that catapulted him to be the brand ambassador for multiple luxury businesses. However, it wasn’t until Grande was 21 that he would take a leap of faith and pursue a career as an actor and never looked back. 

Years later, Grande has been in national and regional commercials and has done guest spots on several TV shows including the critically acclaimed HBO show Eastbound and Down. Although he continues to thrive as an actor, he felt the familiar strain many actors of color experience in Hollywood. He found that the majority of the roles he was offered were rife with stereotypes and thick accents, a problem that many Latino actors face. He refused to let this deter or distract him from pursuing his career. However, it was the birth of his daughter that served as the spark that ignited his need for a change. He no longer wanted to depend on Casting Directors or Producers to give him opportunities. He wanted to create opportunities both for himself and other actors of color. The opportunity to create this impact on a local, national and global level came when he and Fanny Véliz founded Avenida Productions in 2016.


Martin Pugeda


Born in New York and raised in Washington State, Martin is a Pacific Northwest native pursuing a career in screenwriting after moving to California. He is currently a senior enrolled at the Dodge College of Film & Media Arts at Chapman University and will graduate in May 2019. He has had experience in several positions on both Dodge productions and independent projects, from camera operator to script supervisor. Outside of film, Martin has a passion for travel photography, having shot in countries like Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. As a new member of the Avenida team, Martin is eager to collaborate with rising filmmakers on everything from crowdfunding to distribution and is looking forward to growing with the company.


Hannah Warling


Hannah Warling was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From a young age she knew she had a passion for storytelling, leading her to move to Southern California where she attended Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, graduating with honors and earning a B.F.A. in Television Writing and Production. During her time at Chapman she was selected to represent Dodge to have an original pilot produced. Her pilot Dirt was awarded Official Selection at both the New York Television Festival and ITVFest. Hannah has also done work for Alcon Entertainment, and is currently developing a new independent pilot. She is excited to be working as part of the team at Avenida Productions in order to create opportunities for diverse projects and support independent filmmakers


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