For anyone out there who is thinking about using Fanny and her services: When I first approached Fanny and the Avenida team about running our campaign with John Leguizamo, I had been admiring her success for a while. But I wasn’t quite sure how she was able to bring so much success to other projects. I knew that I would have to put myself out there in a way that I hadn’t done before. But what I didn’t realize at the time was how critical Fanny’s coaching would end up being to the success of the entire campaign. She is the actual formula! Her never give up attitude is infectious and made me believe in myself in a way that was totally necessary for my film to be fully funded. Not once did she ever let doubt creep into the mindset of myself and the others who were working hard for this campaign. In the beginning, I may have resisted a bit. But once I let that go, and followed her direction with out resistance, was when the money started flowing in. It literally happened immediately once I just followed her lead. So for any one out there who has the privilege of working with Fanny on a campaign, do your project a favor - and listen to her! She is the real deal. Once we reached our goal, there was a part of me that missed her coaching and the camaraderie that came from being in the trenches with a true warrior.”


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“When you come up with the idea to crowdfund you better have the right people there to lead the way. 

I, unfortunately, made a HUGE mistake going with one company that did some nice work with graphic designs but had NO IDEA how to run and maintain a proper campaign.

I was trying to raise money for a film, a film with a celebrity who had a pretty considerable following via social media… it seemed like a no brainer. By the third week into a four week campaign I had only raised 10% of the budget. I was miserable, depressed, frustrated ( the list goes on of how incredibly deflated I felt).

Enter Fanny and Nelson — they reached out to me via Facebook telling me they could turn my campaign around. I was skeptical but was open to anything at this point. I met with them for coffee at Aroma Cafe and they informed me that without a doubt they could my meet my goal with only a week left in the campaign. I instantly took them on and NOT ONLY did they meet my goal in five days but they extended the campaign and raised an additional 50% on top of that. 

They were my superheroes, literally working the campaign twenty four/seven non stop — I’ve never met anyone who works harder than these two. I had only wished I brought them on from the onset… I can’t even imagine how much more they could have raised. Regardless, I’m just very fortunate I was able to bring them on when I did to save the campaign.

Crowdfunding is a very tough way to raise money so you need every advantage you can get — Fanny and Nelson are that advantage, look nowhere else. ”


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“I am so pleased and happy I chose to work with Avenida Productions to manage my crowd funding campaign. With my intense schedule and limited time, their team was able to help me maximize my audience and manage the accounts to reach my goal of over $21,000 in capital and services to produce my TV pilot! I had to be 100% committed to the process and the work and with their support and coaching I was able to make my dream come true!”


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“We were at the last four days of our Seed & Spark campaign, and still needed to raise $7,000 to make our goal, but we had maxed out on our asks. We brought Fanny and Nelson on board, and they breathed a new life into our campaign by rebranding it and bringing a whole other level of awareness of our film to our friends and fans. Suddenly we were everywhere, and our campaign’s message was reaching people in a meaningful way. Friends noted that suddenly out of nowhere, it’s presence just exploded online! They helped us surpass our goal, and got us to 103% funded. And in addition to being great campaign managers, they are just the nicest people. They really know how to put the fun in fundraising ;)”


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“Fanny was an incredible collaborator to work with. Her experience, professionalism and passion makes her a key member in any production.”

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“Fanny is an angel. What I realized when I met her was that I didn’t just need a campaign manager, I needed a personal coach, someone in the trenches with me to say I could do it and tell me what I needed to do. That said, Fanny often jumped in to do more than I expected. Any filmmaker can succeed with Fanny behind them. You are lucky if she decides to work with you.”


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“My name is Baldemar Rodriguez and I’m a filmmaker from Houston, Texas. I have worked with Avenida Productions for the duration of our Los Angeles Premiere of our feature film In Search of the American Dream and am delighted with the work carried out by the creative owners Fanny Véliz and Nelson Grande. ... After working on our recent project for the betterment of the last 10 years, bringing it to the mainstream Latino market needed to be in the hands of a creative team who knows the entertainment industry as does Fanny and Nelson. They were responsible for promoting and carrying out the West Coast Premiere in Los Angeles, from online promotion to onsite promotion. And they did just that. They went far beyond my expectations. They understand the creative and the business side to each project they take on. Their communication, dedication, passion and commitment to the success of our Premiere was their priority. Avenida Productions understands the high standards that our company has and are most efficient in delivering well within our time limits, achieving each and every goals set out by our company. I would highly recommend working with them and experiencing success in your projects.”


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“I don’t know where to begin... when we came to Avenida we were not certain we were going to meet our $4000 goal. We were running out of time and had only raised about $600... not looking real good. Still, we decided to come in and meet with you both and it was the single best decision we could have made for our crowdfunding campaign. You laid out a game plan for us to reach our funding goals, kept us motivated when we were ready to quit, and jumped in and guided our campaign when we needed it most. I don’t know what we would have done without you??? You two are ROCKSTARS and thanks to you not only did we reach our goals but far surpassed them. You’re the best... period.”


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“After an unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign that I abandoned almost immediately... I contacted Fanny Veliz and Nelson Grande, months later at Avenida Productions... knowing with complete confidence that they would help me succeed during my second crowdfunding attempt with Indiegogo... and help me they did... as we surpassed my initial goal of $4,000 and raised a final $5,255 dollars. They not only are adorable, honest, and sweet, but they are completely knowledgeable professionals in the field, who I feel very proud and happy to have reached out to for their help...without them, I can’t imagine where I would have been with my crowdfunding campaign. ”


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“Thank you for your unbelievable support for High School Yearbook and teens with cancer. Probably like most people, I’ve never done crowd funding, and I can probably say that I still haven’t - because you did all the work, from conceiving our Indiegogo campaign, through the management of it. I appreciate all the hard work you put in, how easy you made this for me, and certainly the large bank account we now have to support our programs.
Love and gratitude to you and your team.”


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