Crowdfunding Services



New Campaigns

Thinking about crowdfunding? Our crowdfunding management service is for you. We’re with you start to finish. From Day 1 of prep all the way until the money you’ve raised is safely in your account.



Live Campaigns

If your crowdfunding campaign is struggling, we’re here to help. We take your already live campaign, and give it new direction. We hit the ground running, to help you get to the finish line.



New or Live Campaigns

Need a helping hand to take your campaign to the next level? We provide a 2 hour consultation session for you and your team to jump start your campaign, and get you to your goal!


All our services include:

  • Large in-house team

  • Social media management

  • Professional coaching

  • Personalized campaign strategy

  • Accessible coach

  • Crowdfunding page analysis

  • Comprehensive session workbook


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