Is In The Heights our watershed moment? I think it is!

This week has been like no other.

People are talking. The excitement is palpable. But not only that, as a community we’re finally coming together to get behind a project and I can’t help but feel emotional. Emotional in a very good way.

I moved to Los Angeles 18 years ago. For years we’ve been asking to be given a seat at the table. We’ve marched, we’ve met with executives, we’ve boycotted, we’ve created our own films, and so much more. Brilliant films about the American Latino experience have been made before, but they’ve been few and far in between and have received little support.

In the Heights seems different. All week I’ve been getting messages about the film from people who have seen it and love it and from folks who haven’t seen it and are really excited to watch it.

My social media is flooded with celebrities, organizations, and community members urging people to support the film. We as a company bought out a theater on opening weekend. Then we learned that the same people behind the success of Crazy Rich Asians were doing a huge push for the film called #LatinXGoldOpen

And today I had a realization. This could be it! This could be OUR Crazy Rich Asian breakthrough! Maybe just maybe after the release of the film, it won’t be so difficult to greenlight our films or showcase our talents. I can see it, I can feel it. The genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda, may just break this drought for the community.

Of course, part of me is nervous, that this will just be a moment in time. But I know in my core that we’re ready and we won’t let this moment pass us by. We’re ready to give In The Heights the success that it deserves. To watch people that look like us and our culture be celebrated on the big screen. Never mind that we had to wait an entire year to watch it because of the pandemic, this is a moment that we will seize and embrace.

Join us! Watch the film on the big screen or on HBO MAX. Tell others about it. Let’s all ride this wave that will break down doors for many! Let’s show the Hollywood machine that our stories are worth it.

The Gold House partnered up with NALIP and CAPE to support In The Height on Opening weekend

The Gold House partnered up with NALIP and CAPE to support In The Height on Opening weekend