Crowdfunding to Distribution

We know there is no easy step in creating a film, from funding all the way to getting people to see what you’ve created. We’re here to help you and your team, wherever you’re at.

SERVICES (packaged or a-la-carte) You decide!

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It's no mystery; crowdfunding can be a bit overwhelming. That's why we will help you set up a crowdfunding campaign, or take over if you’ve already begun. We’ve got an entire team of campaign experts and your very own coach who will be with you from day one until the very last day!

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We can do it all! From line producing to consulting, we can be there in whatever way you need us. A network of highly experienced professionals right at your fingertips!

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Everyone knows your movie is truly made in post-production, which is why we want to help ensure that you make it to the finish line with a completed project. We can help with hiring, consultation, and even coordinating!

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We’re all about grass roots marketing and distribution here at Avenida! We are there for coaching, event and premier production, as well as speaking and bookings. We do it all! Just let us know how we can best help you!


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